Break Your Personal Record With Accusplit’s Survivor Series

Take any group of kids and give them a stopwatch, and whatever they’re doing becomes a game or competition where they are trying to figure out who is the fastest. 

While most smartphones can quickly become a stopwatch, they are a far greater distraction from the active event or sport, preventing people from keeping their heads in the game. By introducing a handheld stopwatch, you are essentially giving them a tool to inspire exercise and healthy competition.

This series is perfect to run any game, competition, and youth group event. It brings you the simplest version of the shock and water-resistant Accusplit stopwatch. The Survivor series brings you professional timing at an affordable price.

Use this Survivor Series comparison to choose your stopwatch based on your needs.


S2 S3 S3XS S3E S3CL A601X
$11.95 $11.95 $11.95 $15.95 $16.95 $19.95
5 year limited warranty
Shock Resistant
Water Resistant
Alarm and Date Only
Time, Date, Day of Week
Magnum XL Display
Lane and Place Timing
Assorted Colors
X Performance Case