Accusplit Professional Series Dual Trigger For Timing Accuracy

The Professional Series design allows you to use your trigger finger with both your left and right hand. It is proven that your pointer finger has a greater level of accuracy from the time you see something to the time you respond. This X design configuration allows both right and left-handed users to be equally precise when timing events.

The stopwatches in this series are available in single and dual-line display, and can include memory options to track 16 or 50 records. As with all Accusplit series, the Professional series is water and shock-resistant. 

Use this Professional Series comparison to find the stopwatch that would fit your needs.


16 memory 50 memory 16 memory
FEATURES AX605 AX625 AX705 AX725 AX740 AX725BKC
 $19.95  $21.95  $23.95  $24.95 $35.95 $38.95
5 year dual no proof and proof of purchase limited warranty
Shock Resistant
Water Resistant
Twin Left / Right Button
Single Line
Dual Line display
16-Memory Stopwatch
50-Memory Stopwatch
Ultimate Lane timing