Accusplit Memory Series Lap And Split Time Precision

It is said that if you care about something, you need to measure it—this is critical when it comes to sports. As our athletes are in training, tracking their progress, lap times and split times accurately can make all the difference in the world when we arrive in a competition. 

The Memory Series offers you one of the best 3 line display memory stopwatches that are water and shock-resistant. It offers you digital stopwatches with 30, 100, or 500 memory, and special features like the stroke rate calculator mode, the audible pacer mode, the repeat 3 mode countdown timer, and multiple time base timing.

Use this Memory Series comparison to select the digital stopwatch that suits you.



30 Memory
5 year dual no proof and proof of purchase limited warranty
Shock Resistant
Water Resistant
3 Line Display
X Performance Case Design
30 Memory Stopwatch
100 Memory Stopwatch
500 Memory Stopwatch
Stroke Rate calculator Mode
audible pacer mode
repeat 3 mode countdown timer
Time of Day / Date Mode/ alarm mode
Multiple time base timing 1/100sec, decimal minute, and hour