Series Comparison

Accusplit Stopwatch Series Comparison


FEATURES Survivor Series Memory Series Professional Series
(Simple & Inexpensive) (Best Memory Stopwatches) (Twin Left Right Button Operation for the most accuracy)
5 year dual no proof and proof of purchase limited warranty
Shock Resistant
Water Resistant
Memory Stopwatches Available
Single Line Displays
2 Line Displays Available
3 Line Dipslays
X Performance Cases
Twin Left-Right Button Operation
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History of Accusplit Stopwatch Series

Professional coaches, trainers, athletes, and enthusiasts have been using Accusplit stopwatches since 1972. They became the official stopwatch for the 1996 Olympic games and they continue to set the standard of stopwatches today.

Accusplit, the first manufacturer of digital stopwatches, is known for its durability and its constant innovation to meet customer needs. Raceclock now offers Accusplit’s Survivor Series, Memory Series, and Professional Series to enable coaches, trainers, athletes, and enthusiasts to measure baselines and move towards their performance goals.

We created this tool to help you drill down into the perfect Accusplit stopwatch for your specific needs as a coach, enthusiast, or professional athlete.