Spring Pandemic

As a part of a community that relies on large gatherings of people, we wanted to reach out.

First, our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the global outbreak of coronavirus (Covid-19). The health and safety of anyone affected by this virus, and their family and friends is our top priority.

Second, we want to ensure all members of our community, we are in this together. As Races and Events are postponed or canceled, we understand the financial burden this has. We believe, like many, that this is a temporary situation, and life will soon return back to normal. We are making a conscious effort to focus on the future. In an effort to help, starting today, we are offering a 30% discount on all repairs to our Raceclock products and a 25% discount on all new items ordered via our website. Our hope is that this may help our community meet the challenges of a very busy summer and fall.

Thank you for your continued support,