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Recently a friend of mine crossed the finishing line of the 2019 Boston Marathon. I was proud of his achievement and we decided to purchase the finishing-line photo. The next day when he received the result of his race, we realized that the time on the clock did not match his race time. The clock indicated a finished time was approximately 20 seconds slower than the actual time he completed the race in. 


What went wrong? 

The RFID chip timer was correct but the race clock had been set manually and was 20 seconds behind the actual timer. His estimated finish time was 3:56:15 compared to a gun time of 3:59:35. While other runners had issues as a result of the weather’s effect on the equipment and timing chips, his problem came down to timing issues.  

2019 Boston Runners checking their timer

What’s the big deal? 

For runners or anyone in sports timing events, the time recorded in each race is the driving factor that causes them to push to the next level. We work harder to get better from our previous records. It indicates growth and progress that we are getting better each time. But it’s unfortunate that we’ve learned that even the most organized race can be flawed when they fail to address the timing issues. Trying to set the clocks manually for multiple wave race is like inviting the inevitable. 

So, I tried to explore possible solutions to synchronized race timing, automation and a cheaper alternative to what is available in the market. I found out that there is a program with FREE software that can synchronize your multiple race clocks in seconds. It handles the complete automation of multiple heats remotely using the radio frequency and it’s affordable. That system is called Raceclock Commander.  

What is a Raceclock Commander system?

Raceclock Commander system consists of :

Raceclock Commander package


  1. Transmitter 
  2. Receiver  
  3. Free software

What solution does Raceclock commander offer?

Still, all hope isn’t lost because Raceclock commander is dedicated to providing accurate and precise race timing solutions to all race clocks series (  Ultra Bright LED, Flip Digit and Rugged Series) or older versions. It works well with OM and XL series clocks with the remote control port. 

It is weatherproof. The setup has preset and manual configurations. The radiofrequency feature enables a drive-through setup.  

Hence, race directors no longer need to go through the process of resetting these clocks for each wave. This system accurately syncs race clocks and you can remotely control and sync the race clocks through a computer.  

Race organizers and administrators can now set and program multiple race clocks to work on the same clock but different heat or different time and heat precisely. 

How to set up a Raceclock commander system?

  • Simply download the free software here, install and run it.
  • Connect the transmitter to your computer through the USB cable
  • Connect the receiver to your race clock through the remote control port.
  • Press and hold the LED on the receiver for 2 seconds and wait for the green and red flash which means it’s ready.
  • Set up the ID on the race clock software.



  1. How to set-up Raceclock commander –

      2. How to effectively use the Raceclock commander


Key benefits of Raceclock commander

1. Easy-to-Use

With Raceclock Commander, you can easily sync race clocks to the race start time. The interface is simple to learn and implement for part-time timers yet robust enough for professional timers. Quickly configure the race timing equipment with a simple interface, and save common race configurations timing points.  The cool part is you can just drive-by to sync all the clocks without actual contact with the race clock and the receiver. 

2. Updates 

Raceclock commander currently runs on Windows 7 and is compatible with windows 10 with updated drivers. We are constantly innovating and developing enhancements to make your race timing and management accurate, properly synchronized and easier to use.

What sport timing events can Raceclock Commander be used in? 

This amazing timing program is applicable across any sporting event that uses Raceclock such as ;

  • Running events ( Marathon, Triathlon, 5k, strongest man, Local road race)
  • Car race, Drag race, Cycling, Mountainbike
  • Karting 
  • Gym


How can I get the Raceclock Commander?

You can download the software for free and you will receive a coupon for a 5% discount when you purchase the system OR 

Place your order directly and receive a 10% discount TODAY when you order an additional receiver.  


Contact us for more information on Raceclock Commander or visit us at Sports Timing Division of Electro-Numerics.

42409 Winchester Road, Temecula, CA 92590, USA


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