Hello my name is Thaddeus Luyben and today we’re going to introduce you to our new software Race Clock Commander, this came about so that you’re able to precisely sync multiple race clocks at the same time and track up to 6 different wave times across multiple clocks and operate them all from your computer.

Raceclock Commander includes the ability to manually enter time offsets from the race start time for precision even after the race has started at different parts of the track as well as auto (gunshot) race starts. It is also capable of displaying the time of day, manually pre-setting a specific time, count up, countdown, and a toggle for hundredths of a second.

We have included a Auto Sync mode in case you want to drive past the clocks with a laptop running that will re-transmit specific times every 2 seconds allowing you to update all the clocks quickly and precisely.

You are welcome to download it now to test it even before you purchase the hardware just to see how it works.

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Part 1 – Install and Setup

Part 2 – How to use Raceclock Commander