Time Machine

The Most Versatile Printing Timer on the Market!

The Time Machine is a computerized sports timer using a precision timing circuit and is capable of timing up to 10 lanes simultaneously. It utilizes a digital signal processor to manage the internal timeclock, store over 8000 times and associated bib numbers in memory and provide a multitude of useful functions to the user – making it the most versatile printing timer on the market. The basic Time Machine model specializes in road racing and provides a “lap timing” mode with splits and cumulative times. The TX model builds on the TM roadrace abilities and adds track and cross country scoring as well as a “lap training” mode for coaches to control up to ten lanes of timing from the keyboard. The TMII model provides a complete timing solution with multiple timing modes including swim timing among other capabilities.

The Time Machine allows you to register up nine multiple or “wave” starts. Ability to change the event or chute/lane number lessens the need for multiple timers. If the race is so large or spread out that you have to use more than one timer, the Time Machine can sychronize itself to other Time Machines prior to or during conduct of the race. The Time Machine also has the unique ability to be remotely controlled by the “host” computer – Not only does it send data to a computer “real time” during the race, but it can also receive commands from a computer telling it to resend any particular data. Many of the setup parameters (event#, heat#, start time, etc.) can also be remotely controlled via the host computer. This capability provides you with a very user-friendly computer interface. Many of the available software timing packages utilize this remote control capability to make your job of conducting an event as easy as possible when using the Time Machine