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Previous Previous Optional Range Extender Boom for Receiver Unit

The Range Extender Boom consists of a 5-ft adjustable Tri-Pod with an attached 6-ft extention cable to connect to your Time Machine and your Receiver Unit.
$125.00 $106.25
$29.00 $24.65

Wireless Computer Interface System

The Wireless Computer Interface System consists of a Transceiver Unit that plugs onto the Time Machine and a Micro USB Adapter that plugs into your computer's USB port.
$269.00 $228.65
$249.00 $211.65

Wireless Grip Switch Receiver Unit

Wireless Grip Switch Receiver Unit (NOTE: Also works with Wireless Gun Transducer)
$149.00 $126.65

Wireless Gun-Start System

The Wireless Gun-Start Starting System includes both the Wireless Gun Transducer Unit with foam Barrel Sleeve and the Wireless System Receiver Unit that attaches to the Time Machine. (NOTE: Receiver also works with Wireless Grip Switches)
$299.00 $254.15

Wireless Transceiver/Receiver “Combo” Unit

Both the wireless computer interface Transceiver and the Wireless Receiver integrated into a single"Combo" Unit
$395.00 $335.75