Time Machine

Best  Multi-Lane Printing Timer / Stopwatch Made!

The Time Machine is a computerized multi-lane printing sports timer, utilizing a digital signal processor to manage internal time

  • Made in the USA.
  • Multi-lane timer / stopwatch capable of timing up to 10 lanes simultaneously
  • Stores over 8,000 times and the associated bib numbers in memory
  • Best printing timer / stopwatch for road races, cross country, lap timing, lap training, swim meets, and track meets
  • Most versatile lap counter / stopwatch.  Allowing for up to 100 lap memory stopwatch with support of up to 3 grip switch inputs per lane.  Great for lap timing (auto, boat, bicycle, track, and cross country).
  • Allows up to 9 multiple or “wave” starts
  • Offers the ability to change the event or chute / lane number, lessening the need for multiple timers.
  • Syncs with most race software and can be controlled via a host computer.