Finally the Solution to Synchronize Clocks, the New ChronoStart System

You might agree that the most significant thing both runners and race directors depend on, is accurate time measurement.  Athlinks ChronoTrack system, as you probably know, has created the solution that is used in the most significant marathons, giving you as the runner a cost-effective way to track your progress with precision.

However, a common issue you may not have realized is the fact that syncing those accurate times with the race clocks is a manual process.  As a result, you may have seen that the photos taken of you as you run past a mile marker clock or the finish line are often a bit out of sync with the times on the Athlinks site.  In the worst case, you might notice at the larger races when multiple clocks can be seen slightly out of sync in a single photo.

After some collaboration between Electro-Numerics and the engineers at ChronoTrack Raceclock developed a simple wireless solution that syncs each Chrono Track Pro 2 timing system with the surrounding Raceclocks.  The ChronoStart System by Electro-Numerics, Inc. finally solves that last pain point bringing accurate times from start to finish.

With the new ChronoStart System, all of the clocks placed within 500ft of the Pro 2 Controller will now be in complete unison.  

This new system, in use with the ChronoTrack Pro2 Controller, will now synchronize all of the clocks with the starter’s “pistol” making a radius of 500 ft. of clocks in complete unison.  No more clocks that will be “just off” or have to be manually adjusted or touched up for any promotional videos or photos after the race. With a single ChronoStart System attached to a single ChronoTrack Box, clocks throughout the course will be precisely in sync as opposed to the current practice.

Electro-Numerics, Inc. specifically designed this new system with the meet manager in mind.  The ChronoStart System was designed to use existing remote control port on most Flip Digit and LED clocks manufactured over the last 15 years to give them all (with the exception of a few mile markers) the ability to sync with the Pro 2 Controller.  Regardless of size, style, or amount or number of digits; the clocks will sync.

It will allow larger events to take place using a selection of clocks for time visibility throughout the course without having to worry about all the clocks being the same style year or even number of digits.  This easy to use, very versatile technology, makes timing a major marathon or even a high school cross country race easier and more accurate.

This long overdue technology in the area of running is going to improve the managing of marathons worldwide with accurate timing and in sync physical clocks display.   The ChronoStart System is a cost-effective way that anyone from large professional races down to local high school cross country programs could afford to expand their programs versatility and visibility with this system.

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