Since 1974, Electro-Numerics is your comprehensive source of sports timing equipment.  All of our products are Made In the USA.  Whether you are timing a race or a game, we have a Scoreboard, Raceclock, Sports Timer, or Printing Timer that will meet your needs. Our line of sports timing products includes full-featured Raceclocks, low-cost mile-marker clocks to inform racers and spectators, and printing timers to record end-of-race results. We also offer Raceclock accessories, such as tripods, carrying cases, and remote controls. With our quality products backed by superior service and support, your investment in sports timing equipment from Electro-Numerics will serve you for years to come.

All of our Raceclocks (Flip Digit LM Series and Ultra-Bright XL Series) do timing to 1/100 of a second.

  • At the start line:  Display time-of-day or count down the time remaining before the official start time.
  • At the finish line:  Display race time for the entrants, spectators and media. A double-sided clock is most effective. A second clock can be used to display Place Count.
  • Along the race:  A clock positioned at a mile or kilometer point along the course can be used to sequentially display race time, pace per mile or kilometer, and projected finish time. Interim clocks are most appreciated by entrants, spectators, media, and sponsors. Please see our MileMarker Raceclocks.

In addition to race timing, our Raceclocks are used:

  • On the track:  Finish times displayed in hundredths of a second. Internal training times by three split modes. Nine memory recalls.
  • On the field and in the gym:  Use as a scoreboard to display official times, distances or heights. Use as a game timer to count up or down in seconds.
  • Sponsor advertising:  Display the name of your sponsor, club and/or event on a sign attached to the top or bottom of the clock.

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